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Street Machine Nationals - New Venue, New Life

Street Machine Nationals, Lima, OH

Photography by Marko Radielovic, Tom Donchez

Dyno Bash

As usual, we spent much of our time at the Castrol Syntec-sponsored Werx Motorsports chassis dyno. This year we showed up with a pair of custom-made jackets to give to the two top dogs of the dyno--one for the highest naturally aspirated output, and one for the highest output with a power-adder. The participants didn't disappoint.

Power-adder honors went to "Big" Rich Price of Cleveland, Ohio--and his parrot. His '67 Camaro is packing 540 inches of Rat motor force-fed by an 8-71 blower pulling fuel through two 950-cfm HP Holleys. The blown mill laid down 642 horses and nearly 600 lb-ft of torque to the wheels.

Kelly Howard of Tipp City, Ohio, took the normally aspirated title by cranking out 614 hp. His '71 Chevelle barely contains a high-compression 555-inch fat Rat.

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