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WTF? (Where’s The Fun?) - April 2014


V8 Imports

Since we first posed the question four months ago, asking whether readers would like to see V8 swaps in rear-drive imports, letters have been pouring in, and the response has almost universally positive. Here are a couple of interesting builds:

I Concur

Dan Masters wants to see V8s in imports, especially in British sports cars, sending us photos of his 302-powered MGB GT. We don't have space to run all the pictures he sent, but the workmanship is impressive. He pointed us to the website for more swaps similar to his.

Not Faster Than This Volvo

Robert Seliger of Winchester, Massachusetts, sent us pictures of his small-block Ford-powered Volvo 740, after reading a comment we wrote in the article "Friends" (Dec. '13), saying that Mike Artman's Pontiac Catalina wagon was quicker and faster than any Volvo. "I beg to differ," he says, adding he's already run 12s at 125 mph at the track, with a lot of tuning left to do. He purchased this car new in 1990 and has been doing the drivetrain conversion for more than 10 years. The block is from Dart, and it's leaned on by a Procharger F1C. The remaining parts were replaced with a T-56 and a Ford 8.8-inch rear axle. Other cool upgrades include a five-point rollbar, a Halon fire suppression system and Baer brakes on all four corners.

Editor's note: Staff Editor John McGann secretly wants a V8-swapped Volvo 240 wagon.

Enough Already!

I just received my Jan. '14 issue, and it's all Chevy! I don't see any reason to ever subscribe again. You guys are either all Chevy guys or too lazy to put anything else in the mag for the rest of us.

—Lloyd Lang, Morris, Oklahoma

We took your complaint, Lloyd, directly to our Bow-Tie card-carrying tech editor Smith who replied, "Off with his head!" After Smith remembered to take his court- mandated medications, he offered this more PC suggestion. "Well, Lloyd, why don't you write us and suggest stories you'd like to see!"

Frankly, we preferred the old Smith, he was far more entertaining…

Here's an Idea

You guys need to run an article on cheap fourth-gen Camaros. I just bought a '90 Z28 for $500, and I want to make it run 12s for less than $2,000.

—Mike Gonlin, via Facebook

Blown-up Parts

"These are pictures of what used to be a pretty potent Chevy 383 from my '71 Impala. Apparently, even a forged crank, forged pistons, and H-beam rods are not as strong as you would think once the oil pump fails."

—Carl Harris, Baltimore, Maryland

"What do you get when you combine a high-performance engine, a 45-year-old Muncie, and a nut behind the wheel? An opportunity to do some under-car bonding!"

—Gene Legate, via email

Blown-Up Shop

Glenn Joseph emailed pictures of a repair shop in Grayling, Michigan, that burned to the ground. "The tow truck was on the hoist for some sort of repair, and it is the only thing left standing. There were four other cars in the rubble and an old Massey tractor."


In the February, 2013 "8,500 RPM!" story, we incorrectly listed the price of the AFR small-block Chevy 227cc heads. The correct price through Summit Racing is $1,596.62, which is downright attractive.

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