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WTF? (Where’s The Fun?) - April 2014

G-Body Shuffle

Who: John "Baron" Gentry

What: '84 Oldsmobile Cutlass

Where: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

Why: Remember the Street Outlaws article in our Jan. '14 issue. Guess what? These guys aren't just mugging for the TV cameras. Here's Baron's Cutlass reaching for the stars at Thunder Valley. A big-block plus a big shot of nitrous makes this look easy.

New Subscriber/New Car

Who: Christopher Lickteig

What: '79 Chevrolet Camaro

Where: Milford, Connecticut

Why: We admit it, Christopher buttered us up by saying he's a new subscriber and really digging the magazine. He attached a few pictures of his Camaro, also a recent purchase. It's powered by a 383 small-block backed by a TH400 transmission and 5.12 gears out back. He admits it's not much fun on the highway but will address that with new gears within the next couple of months. They use it for cruising around town, and Chris says his kids love it.

A Machinist's Gremlin

Who: Douglas Puterbaugh

What: '72 AMC Gremlin

Where: Warsaw, Indiana

Why: From his description, it sounds like Douglas had to do a lot of work to get his Gremlin road worthy. He rewired, repainted, and reupholstered it. He also built the engine, a 0.060-over Chevy 350 with a Crane cam, a Holley intake, and pistons from Summit Racing. Aft of that is a TH350 trans and a 9-inch rear with 4.11 gears. He's a retired CNC machinist, so all of this was probably a walk in the park for him. "I've always had some project I'm working on."

Lightning Vic

Who: Adam Byrnes

What: '01 Ford Crown Victoria

Where: Homosassa, Florida

Why: We love Ford's Panther Platform here at CC, but we're also the first to admit they aren't very fast. There are plenty of options to remedy that situation, and Adam chose the engine swap as his fix. He replaced his stock 4.6L with a stout, supercharged 5.4L engine from a Lightning pickup. Yeah, the engine doesn't fit under the hood, but who cares when the car is now a total burnout machine?

Balboa Aqua

Who: Lewis Tommaso

What: '66 AMC Marlin

Where: Cookeville, Tennessee

Why: Reading his email, it's obvious to us AMCs are near and dear to Lewis. He described his first high-school car, an American coupe with an I-6 and three-on-the-tree transmission. His stable also includes a Pacer he purchased 14 years ago. In 2009, he bought this Marlin because he'd always been intrigued by the "3+3 fastback" design. Balboa Aqua and Black are the colors, and power comes from an AMC 327 V8, Flash-O-Matic transmission and a Twin Grip differential in the rearend.

Corinthian Leather

Who: Daniel Benoit

What: '76 Chrysler Cordoba

Where: Rawdon, Quebec

Why: Daniel was pleased to show us his recently purchased Cordoba. He's the second owner, and the car only has 78,000 miles on it. He plans to lower it a little and put on a set of rally wheels, then dive into the engine for some more power. with a bigger camshaft. "I wasn't looking for one, but the deal was too good to pass on," he says.

Grandma's Buick

Who: Mike Thompson

What: '77 Buick Le Sabre

Why: Simple, it runs high 11s on the motor and 9.90s on nitrous. What a sleeper! It also has a full interior, all-steel body, 4,200 curb weight, black-wall radials, and stock wheel covers. Mike says the engine is a built 385ci LT1 with a nitrous plate. "It hurts a lot of feelings at the track," he says.

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