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WTF? (Where’s The Fun?) - March 2014



Thank you for my hat from China. It fits a grown man's head well. LOL!

—Mark Peters, Jr., via Facebook

Love Letter & Engine Request

What a killer mag! I've been subscribing for years, and yours is the only mag I have found that has decent tech articles. The other articles are pretty good, too, especially Krass and Bernie. Keep it up, people; you do a great job! I know it's a big ask, but would you please do more articles on Ford Windsor and Cleveland engines?

—Owen Mauseth, via Facebook

Four Cylinder Pimpin'

I just read through the Nov. '13 issue and have to agree with reader Bob Eudy. Although I'm a sucker for big engine power, I also like the oddball powerplants. I'm currently putting a 6.0L LQ4 in a Rambler and a 4.0L Jeep in a VW Bug, but my favorite current project is my 2.3L turbo Ford going in an '84 notchback Mustang. I've always liked these little engines, and I would love to see these and others like them in the mag. I know most readers shake their heads at anything less than eight-cylinders, but I bet there are plenty who would enjoy reading about cranking power out of a carbureted 2.0L Pinto, or an Iron Duke.

Pimpin ain't easy.

—Josh Moe, New Oxford, Pennsylvania


"This is my '62 Pontiac Catalina with a newly rebuilt 426ci Pontiac out in south Jersey. I've had this car since I was 15, now I'm 23. I've been through three engines and four transmissions. The car keeps breaking, and I just keep fixing it."

—Ray Schwedhelm, via email

"A photo of my son, Craig, doing burnouts in his ‘Phantom' Impala SS wagon. It was created by transplanting the engine, transmission, interior, instruments, and electronics from a totaled '96 Impala SS into a Caprice wagon."

—Darol Christensen, via email

Blown-Up Parts of the Month

"This was my 350 Chevy. It came apart as I crossed the finish line at the dragstrip. Fastest pass ever! LOL"

—bieganskip, via email

"I have an '89 Silverado with an LS swap and was passing a tractor with a 600-pound welding machine in the back. When the transmission downshifted to First, it felt kinda funny. Got home, and it was chunky soup for dinner!"

—Josh Hardison, Clemmons, North Carolina

"This is what's left of a 340 after it grenaded on a drive in the country. It was in my '70 Challenger T/A."

—Jim Bradley, via email

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