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Bench Build - Dodge Scat Pack

Mopars For All - March 2014

Did you know the Mopar '10 Challenger (the Mopar 11 is a Charger) is the first Chrysler with Mopar badging? Sure, when you lift the hood, you are going to see Mopar somewhere on the cars we like, but badging? First one. We learned this sitting in front of Pietro Gorlier, the President of Mopar. He knows what Car Craft is about, and digs you, the reader.

We didn't know what to expect at first from a guy with a slight Italian accent who was born in Turin, Italy, approximately 4,200 miles from Detroit. We squinted at his loafers. To our relief, he soon espoused and deep and genuine passion for Mopar, not only to the current worldwide supplier of parts to Fiats and other badges, but to the original spirit of upgrading Chrysler products born in the muscle-car era. As he spoke, we witnessed unshielded enthusiasm for the new Shaker hood that you can now add to the new Challenger, or even go down to the dealership, buy it for your '10 Challenger to have it dealer installed. "Upgrading vehicles is in the DNA of Mopar." His quote.

He's looking to get dealerships on board with Mopar parts and accessories that go beyond bubble-wrapped key fobs. He's interested in serious parts like cylinder head and camshaft packages, suspension kits with proven wheel and tire combos, and cold air and calibrations. He wants it all under warranty and dealer installed with zero hassle. He announced these plans and a couple of Scat Package variations of the Challenger and Charger at the 2013 SEMA show.

Pietro also believes in motorsports, specifically the NHRA and drag racing. "Drag racing is a family oriented sport," Pietro says. "No other motorsport allows so much participation." This set of family values attracted Mopar support for Drag Pak challengers in the Stock classes and Pro Stock efforts. Again, these parts can be purchased at a dealership from the catalog.

So what do you say? Let's give him a shot. What is good for Mopar is good for all of us, and not only does Pietro like motorsports, he likes the Shaker hood, the Challenger (new and old) and wants to make it easier to get these parts into your street machine. We're thinking an engine-swapped A-body with slicks and a dial in on the window for the weekend, and a new or slightly used Hemi Challenger with a Shaker hood, strobe stripes, and a head and cam swap for the daily grind.

So we trust this guy and his vision, and so should you. The dark ages of Mopar brand management is over. Pietro closed his announcement by saying its "Mopar or no car."

—Douglas R. Glad

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