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Where's The Fun? (WTF?) - January 2014


I'd like to echo the thoughts of Frank Amodeo's letter (Nov. '13). I would like to see Car Craft focus a bit more on the craft side. I think how to install headliners and carpet are great article ideas. I would also like to see more on waterborne paints, plastic repair, and upholstery, in general. Everything wears out, and I don't know the first thing about replacing seat coverings and sewing. Home Economics was not something men of my generation took but should have.

I would also like to suggest a new feature called, "We really shouldn't have fixed it—but we did it anyway." Example: This crank rod took out a cast-iron block; we shouldn't have fixed it, but we did, and this was the process. The article would cover how the block is prepped, repaired with pinning/new metal/bronze, machined, measured, and so on, and put back into service.

Home CNC and 3-D printing are bringing a whole new world of possibilities to make and fix things I didn't think could be cost-effectively created or repaired: custom gaskets, castings, or sheetmetal at home? We're not there just yet, but it's coming.

—Barry Soben, Phoenix, Arizona

CC Quickies

Pro Street legend and entrepreneur Matt Hay sent us this photo of the remote control box he just bought at the Dean Jeffries estate sale. It is the control box for Jeffries' Manta Ray custom as seen in the May '64 Hot Rod.

Here's another shot of the Jeffries remote control with the lid removed. This was car crafting 50 years ago, and it's pretty impressive.

Reader Art

Broken crank snouts and stretched timing chains make for great belt buckles.

—Quinton Parker, via email

Riding Mower Teeth

Here's what happens when you're retired and have tools. Every time I mowed past a certain bush, it would pull the grille off, so this is my fix. Grrr!

—Bob Funtjar, via email

Department of Corrections

In our article on the Wheelstand Championships (Sept. '13), we misidentified the driver of the '86 Mustang who won the Highest Wheelstand and runner-up Ford Wheelstand categories. His name is Jason King. How do we know this? His mom wrote in to correct us! Sorry, Mrs. King.


I bought an extra set of wheels and tires to have some fun in my '68 Plymouth Road Runner with a 383 and four-speed. It's been upgraded with a solid cam, headers, and intake and carb. I just press the line lock and let 'em burn!

—David Baures, Arlington, Texas

Send Smoke!

If we can do this, you can too. Send burnout!! Photos to the new address 831 S. Douglas St., El Segundo, CA 90245 or email it to with a single photo size of at least 1 MB. Then you will live forever.

Blown-Up Parts of the Month

Continuing the theme from last month, we continue to clear our inbox of your broken-parts emails.

Fiber in Your Diet

I bought a 340 engine from a seller who said it had no oil pressure. I removed the intake and pan, and surprise!

—Dean Nishizaki, Honolulu, Hawaii

In case it's not clear, that's a shop rag hanging from the oil pump pick-up, parts of which made it to the lifter bores before the engine seized.


The owner of this BMW allowed an inexperienced person drive the car. After driving approximately 10 miles on Interstate 25 in First gear (yep, 65-mph speed limit), every dummy light lit up and the motor gave way. The oil cap has residue that resembles the head on a fresh glass of lager, and the drained oil looks like root beer–colored glitter nail polish. Nice!

—Pistonkid1971, via email

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