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The Bleach Pit

2013 World Champions

In the Fall 2013 issue of E/T, we ran a photo of the Bays and Rupert Black Plague Funny car as it was being scaled at the March Meet in Bakersfield, California. We must be good luck (or they work hard) because the Bays and Rupert team again won the Nostalgia Funny Car championship.

Funny Cars at the Scales

There was a time when a photographer could get an unadulterated shot at Funny Cars in motion. The world would disappear into a tiny square as editors could crawl to the lowest point to block all but the raging beast from the frame. It was this below-average vantage point that made the image scary and real as the violent moment burned into tiny crystals in the celluloid. Somewhere along the way, someone got creamed and the Safety Safari reacted with Jersey bumps, fences, and distance. To shoot a car at eye level in motion today requires shooting through a herd of competing photographers, crewmen, walls, banners, and chain-link fences. We mourned the loss and walked to the end of the track, where we found a spot in the dirt and realized we were about to shoot Funny Cars in motion, at eye level. It's the last frontier in interactive motorsports. Feast your eyes.

Department of Cool

The NHRA is divided into seven divisions, each with its own flag to fly. We found these hidden in a folder from the 1971 Winternats in Pomona, California.

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